We are a pediatric speech therapy practice that offers personalized treatment to both the child and their family.

Common Diagnoses We Treat

Articulation Disorders

Auditory Processing Disorders 

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Cerebral Palsy

Down Syndrome

Expressive Language Disorders/Delay

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

Fluency/Stuttering Disorders

Genetic Disorders

Phonological Processes

Receptive Language Disordes/Delay

Voice Disorders

Speech Evaluation and Treatment

We can assess your child’s speech and language concerns to ensure progress and achievement of goals. We will teach communication in a fun and engaging environment. 

Feeding Evaluation and Treatment

From breast and bottle feeding to picky eaters and problem feeders we can assist your child expand their food repertoire and make mealtimes fun again. 

AAC Evaluation and Treatment

Everyone deserves a chance to find their voice. AAC therapy focuses on your child’s strengths and supports functional communication across a variety of settings and communication partners. 

You May Be Wondering….

Starting August 14th 2022, Expansion Speech Therapy will have private pay options only due to decreased reimbursement rates from a variety of insurance companies.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide services to anyone who is on Medicare/Medicaid due to laws surrounding out-of-network rehabilitative providers and Medicare/Medicaid.

Your child is entitled to receive those services as specified in their IFSP or IEP. Please contact your local intermediate unit/early intervention agency/Elwyn to confirm that outside therapy services will be reimbursed. We will provide these services at our private pay rate. Payment is due upon the day of service. We will provide a superbill for you to submit for reimbursement from your local intermediate unit/early intervention agency/Elwyn. Please note, Expansion Speech Therapy LLC, will not become involved in disputes between you and your third-party source regarding uncovered charges or reasons for denial.

Please email us at for rate and therapy inquiries.

Using Out-of-Network Insurance Benefits: Your insurance plan may still cover a large portion of your therapy costs if you have “out-of-network” benefit for speech therapy/feeding therapy/AAC therapy. You may look up your plan details. If you don’t have out-of-network benefits, consider switching to a plan that does during the Open Enrollment period.

Getting reimbursement using your out-of-network benefits is easy. Just log in to the patient portal and print your “superbills.” They will have all the information your insurance company will need to process a claim for you. They will send you a check in the mail for whatever portion is covered, usually within a couple of weeks.

Health Savings Accounts: Therapy Services are eligible for reimbursement with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), and health reimbursement account (HRA). These are tax-advantaged savings accounts that allow you to use pre-tax money toward your child’s therapy sessions. This way, you get the full value of your dollar (no taxes) and you reduce your income(lower taxes overall).

If you are having financial difficulty, please reach out. We offer a very limited amount of discounted & pro bono rates on a situational basis!

We are registered vendors with the School District of Philadelphia as well as other Compensatory Education Trusts. Please contact us for a full list of trusts we are registered with and if you have questions about us becoming registered vendors with your child’s trust and/or local educational agency.