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AAC Evaluation and Treatment

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

A comprehensive assessment is provided to determine and recommend appropriate access methods, language softwares, speech generating devices (SGD), and strategies to improve communication among children with a variety of communication, learning, and mobility needs. Following evaluation, reoccurring treatment is provided to educate, train, and support family as well as improve the child’s AAC competencies (linguistic, social, strategic, and operational skills). An AAC system is to be implemented across settings and communication partners. Therapists at Expansion Speech will consult with your child’s extended team to ensure a successful trial. We hope to recommend an AAC system that meets your child’s current and future communication needs.

We have experience in the following:

  • Programming a wide variety of devices for individuals needs including direct selection (direct touch and eye gaze) and indirect selection (one and two switch scanning)
  • Providing parent/caregiver education
  • Providing AAC system trainings to family and educational staff members 
  • Utilizing low tech, mid tech, and high tech AAC systems
  • Writing and obtaining approvals for hundreds of insurance funded speech generating devices (SGD)
  • Understanding and competency of the following SGD/softwares: The Prentke Romich Company (PRC), Tobii Dynavox, Saltillo, and iPad based communications softwares (TouchChat, LAMP-Words For Life, Tobii Dynavox Snap Core First, Proloquo2Go)